Hi! My name is Ben Issenmann and I'm a designer and entrepreneur. I build tools to expand how people create and think. I am currently working at Supercreative in Paris, France.

I learn with my ↗ projects and I share what I learned in my ↗ blog.

To me, a good life means being useful to others. This is why my career's overarching principle is building useful tools for others. There is one hard prerequisite to do so : knowing yourself to better serve others. To do so, I have embarked on a lifelong journey of learning and reaching total clarity of communication and thought.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Email.

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Lifelong projects

Creating tools for supercreatives

With the right tools and mindset, creative people will conquer the 21st century. I want to build the tools for them.

The Humanual

I write down everything I learn and think. Progressively sharing and opening all this data and personal processes.

Sailing around the world

One day!


↗ Projects

↗ Blog